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A Northwest Calgary Law Firm

A Northwest Calgary Law Firm

A Northwest Calgary Law Firm

A Northwest Calgary Law Firm

Experienced Family Lawyer and Law Firm in Northwest Calgary 

Don’t let legal proceedings overwhelm you. Joy Dukeshire of Dukeshire Law Office practises in various areas of family law, wills and estates, and residential real estate transactions. With years of experience, she understands family law proceedings can be difficult times for all involved, fraught with emotion. Divorce, wills and estate preparation, and real estate transactions mark significant milestones in our lives. Joy will put her education and experience to work for you, helping to safeguard your best interests at every turn. No matter which side of a family law disagreement you find yourself on, you can count on Dukeshire Law Office for personalized, attentive legal counsel. Joy will draw from her previous experience to help you begin on a path toward a resolution. Dukeshire Law Office is home to the lawyer Calgary turns to.

Our Practice Areas

Dukeshire Law Office lawyers bring in strategic perspective, expertise and a collaborative approach to serve NW Calgary with the following legal services:


Family Law

As family and divorce lawyers in Calgary, Dukeshire Law Office is able to help you navigate a settlement or the court procedure if you are dealing with issues surrounding divorce, child support, access, custody, guardianship, spousal support and division of property. Family lawyers have experience in all aspects of these matters and are able to deal with your concerns efficiently and respectfully.

  • Divorce: Separation and divorce aren’t easy. We offer our dedicated services from filing for divorce to making amicable settlements between the parties.
  • Child Custody /access/ parenting arrangements: Children often bear the brunt of parents’ separation. Our lawyers can provide guidance on decision-making and parenting time, parenting arrangements, and ensure the best possible living arrangements for your children.
  • Child Support: Seek our lawyers’ advice in ensuring both the parents allocates the right amount of money and time to raise children in safe and healthy conditions
  • Spousal support: Our lawyers advocate for you on the financial support entitlements if you or your spouse is unable to maintain their standard of living after divorce.
  • Separation agreements: We assist you with all the legal documentation about the custody, division of assets, support and maintenance.
  • Division of matrimonial property: We help you out in obtaining your share of property after court judgement on the division of assets.


Are you planning on writing a will to distribute your assets among the contenders? Our wills lawyers at Dukeshire Law Office can guide you through the entire process and craft legally binding wills according to your wishes and requirements. Our wills services can be categorized in these areas:

  • Personal directives: Life is unpredictable. What if you fall severely ill and become incapable of making any decision? For such situations, appoint someone to take the medical, family-related or any other non-financial decision on your behalf.
  • Power of attorney: Our lawyers proactively advise you to willfully designate the power to someone you trust to make decisions regarding your estate on your behalf if you become incapacitated.


Estate Planning

Our expertise in estate planning can safeguard your wealth for your future beneficiaries. Whenever a loved one passes away, the property gets inherited by the beneficiary and it becomes their duty to maintain the estate. We provide our legal advice in assisting the executor for administration, legal information on the deceased’s will, filing for grants, publication of notices to the creditors, and more.


Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions should be done with due diligence. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your home, we are able to assist you. We offer affordable rates for real estate law matters and can deal with your real estate transaction quickly and efficiently.


Notary Services

We provide sealed attestation to certify your deeds and documents to be used anywhere in the world. Our notary and commissioning services handle the areas of family law, real estate, wills and estate. The documents can range from a travel consent letter to purchase and sale documents if you are unable to attend the proceedings at the lawyer’s office. You can call us to request a quote. But, please note that your physical presence is mandatory for the notarization process.

Why Choose Dukeshire Law Office

However complex or straightforward your case is, at Dukeshire Law Office we understand its importance and provide you with trusted legal counsel.

  • Free consultation: Schedule your first 30 minutes free consultation to discover your legal options.  
  • Objective advice: Our lawyers look at your situation from a neutral position to ensure decisions are fair and sustainable.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Affordable hourly rates and payment arrangements considering Joy Dukeshire’s 45 years in the Alberta Bar.   

If you require legal counsel in Northwest Calgary, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with our lawyers.

Need Help with Divorce, Wills and Real Estate Transactions?

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Dukeshire Law Office, located in Northwest Calgary, Alberta, serves clients from Calgary Northwest, Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane and the surrounding area.

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