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Have you been thinking about a will lately? Do you have a family you need to provide for or an estate you want to protect? Wills offer many key benefits, including:

  • Security for your family: Choose whom you trust most to take care of your children.

  • Control over your estate: Ensure your beneficiaries use your will as you intend.

  • Peaceful estate resolutions: Prevent conflicts by detailing how you want your assets divided.

If you want to write a will, consider visiting a Dukeshire Law Office wills lawyer in Calgary. Our lawyer can help individuals and couples craft legally binding wills that respect their particular wishes. Allow a lawyer to guide you through each step of the estate planning process.

The Steps of Estate Planning

As you plan your estate, you should prepare for the main steps of writing a will and creating an estate plan. When you meet with your Dukeshire Law Office probate lawyer in Calgary, this preparation will help you create a robust will. The main steps of estate planning include:

  • Naming an executor: Choose the person you trust to distribute your assets. Usually, your main beneficiary or spouse acts as executor since they are familiar with your assets.
  • Choosing beneficiaries: Ensure the people closest to you receive the assets they deserve.
  • Appointing a guardian: If you have underage children, you will need to choose who takes care of them should you pass away.
  • Accounting for your assets: Determine everything you would like passed on to your beneficiaries. This can include monetary assets or special belongings.
  • Arranging power of attorney: Name who makes decisions on your behalf if you aren't able to do so yourself.

Your lawyer can help navigate estate laws to craft a binding will. Call 403-286-7008 to meet with our lawyer and start the estate planning process today.

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The Importance of Wills

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Powers of Attorney

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