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Reasons to Hire an Experienced Family Lawyer

Going through a divorce is a difficult experience, both practically and emotionally. You don't want to further exacerbate your stress by having inadequate legal representation. 

Even if the facts are on your side, your case could fall apart without proper representation from a lawyer. This article lists some reasons why you should consider working with an experienced family lawyer such as the family lawyers at Dukeshire Law Office.


A Family Lawyer is Objective

When you're involved in a family legal dispute, you might struggle to see the situation in objective terms. Issues like divorce can be so emotional that it's difficult to see things clearly.

An experienced family lawyer has the ability to look at the situation objectively using their legal expertise.

Also, in a divorce case, you're likely to have significant difficulties in communicating with your ex-partner.

Dukeshire Law Office can communicate with your ex-partner and their legal representation on your behalf. Not only does this ensure you don't inadvertently weaken your legal position, but it also makes going through a divorce a much less stressful experience.

In a divorce, legal and emotional intentions can sometimes get lost within the turmoil. Joy Dukeshire has years of experience handling family law cases, and she will be able to make sure expectations and intentions are clear emotionally and legally.

Move on With Your Life

One of the most significant reasons to hire a family lawyer is to enable you to move on with your life faster. Going through a divorce can have a huge impact on your life, and the longer the case goes on the more your life will be affected.

Joy Dukeshire can help you rectify this part of your life to reach a resolution and start the next chapter.

Can I Afford a Family Lawyer?

Many Canadians mistakenly believe that hiring an experienced family lawyer is outside of their price range.

Joy Dukeshire has a genuine passion for helping clients overcome their legal issues, not to gouge their pockets. This means that she offers her services at a reasonable rate considering her 44 years of experience in the Bar.

Even if you think you can't afford it, get in contact with Dukeshire Law Office to discuss hourly rates and retainers or payment arrangements for your situation.

Knowledge of the Law

When you consult the family lawyers at Dukeshire Law Office you can rest assured that you're working with someone with extensive knowledge of the law. With her years of experience, Joy Dukeshire has seen it all. During your initial consultation, Joy will listen and present options for your unique situation and explain every step of the proceedings in simple, straightforward terms.

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